Prices & Packages


Plymouth karate academy is a non profit-making organisation and all of our instructors give their time freely to help develop karate in the local area. This of course keeps our training costs to a minimum and in turn means that your karate journey with us can be extremely affordable.

We offer a range of training packages including special family discounts. We also offer free trial classes so you can be sure karate is for you before you take the plunge - even a free karate suit upon joining the academy.

Most importantly, we don't expect our students to sign up to any lengthy and expensive contracts We know how lifestyles and family commitments can change, and run the academy accordingly.

So if you think we could be for you, don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or email and we will be able to recommend the most suitable package for you and get you started on your karate journey.

Joining the PKA

All of our students and instructors are subject to an annual License / Membership fee of £60

The good news for all you junior beginners is that this fee also comes with a free karate suit (Gi) upon sucessfully joining the academy


All Students pay just £35 per student per month

Family Members - 2 or more members training for only £60 per family per month