All Plymouth Karate Academy Instructors are trained the highest level and the club has over 60 years of combined experience to ensure that you benefit from the very best coaching and training available. All our instructors are of course fully insured and CRB checked.

Sensei Stuart Hick

Sensei Stuart Hick (5th Dan) Chief Instructor started training back in 1992. He was awarded his 1st Dan 4 years later in 1996 under the Late Enoeda Sensei 9th Dan JKA (then chief instructor to the Karate Union of Great Britain). Sensei Hick sucessfully graded again under Enoeda Sensei JKA to Nidan in 1999, Sandan in 2009 under SEKU, Yondan in 2013 under FEKO and Godan in 2018 also under FEKO.

Sensei Hick has trained with some of the greatest names in traditional Karate, at home and abroad, including a short period training in Tokyo Japan, at the JKA Honbo Dojo. As well as training and competing at the highest level. Sensei Hick also holds all the relevant coaching qualifications, including certification from the JKA, KUGB and EKGB .

Sensei continues to attend both national and international training courses including training under the Japan Karate Association at least once a year so as to maintain the high standard of powerful and effective traditional Shotokan Karate that he has inherited from his instructors. At the same time, he creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the Dojo.

Jon Eaton

Sensei Jon Eaton (4th Dan) Assistant Chief Instructor, started training in early 2003 with Sensei Hick, and was awarded his 1st Dan in 2008 by Ohta Sensei 7th Dan JKA England. During his time Training with the Academy, Jon has been privileged enough to train with some of the most senior Karate Sensei in the world including Ohta, Ueki, Ismail, Imamura, hooper to name but a few.

Jon successfully graded to 4th Dan in 2018 and continues to support Sensei Hick in the the day to day running of the Dojo, also assisting with the Grading of students, and of course teaching in his own inevitable laid back technical style.

Luke Irving

Sensei Luke Irving (3rd Dan) started training with Sensei Stuart Hick in September 2001, and successfully passed his 1st Dan under the Guidance of the Japan Karate Association in July 2008 by Ohta Sensei. During this time Luke trained with some of the most senior instructors in the JKA.

Luke successfully graded to 2nd Dan in December 2011. He assumed the roll of senior instructor at the club in June 2012 and with his friendly, approachable and professional demeanour has taken the class from strength to strength.

Luke successfully graded to 3rd Dan in March 2018 under FEKO. He has since assumed the roll of Chief Instructor of the PKA kids club and continues to assist in the day to day running of PKA, Luke also remains an integral member of the senior coaching team.

Sid Siddalls

Sensei Sid Siddalls (3rd Dan) started karate as a youth in NZ taught by a south pacific champion. He had a break whilst he served 22 years in British Commando Forces, during this time he had gained many instructor qualifications. Numerous ones being in Adventure Training.

Sid resumed his karate journey under the instruction of Sensei Stuart Hick and the other instructors of PKA and gaining his 1st Dan black belt with FEKO in December 2015. He has since successfully completed an instructor qualification and has become a full time member of the PKA coaching staff.

Sid has trained with many senior instructors from the UK and abroad. He is always eager to attend courses up and down the country expanding his karate knowledge. Sid works hard to get the best out of his students, helping them to reach their potential and ultimately achieving their long term goals.

Sid successfully graded to 3rd Dan March 2023 and remains an important member for the academy's coaching team